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fx-83GTX entry-level scientific calculator (discontinued)

Our entry-level scientific calculator, the UK’s best-selling, has natural maths display and covers all the mathematical requirements for first examinations.

You get all the functionality you need for maths up to GCSE, with calculations, statistics, table of values and equivalent ratio.

You’ll like:
• easy access to statistics results
• easy to change values in tables
• the high resolution display
• available in 4 colours

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Our entry-level scientific calculator has natural maths display and covers all the mathematical requirements for first examinations.


CALCULATION: arithmetic, trigonometry, logarithms, exponential, hyperbolic, equivalent ratio

STATISTICS: mean, standard deviation, quartiles, regression

FUNCTIONS: table of values (2 functions),

POWER: Battery

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Classroom Emulator

Teachers can request a free licence for use in classrooms, remote and blended learning (available in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Ireland). 

The free licence lasts for 1 year for demonstrating the calculator and preparing activities and is an ideal tool to embed mathematical understanding


Casio offer a large suite of resources available for UK schools and cover teaching with calculators alongside the most popular subject topics for GCSE and A Level.

Students taking exams


The fx-83GTX is permitted in all UK, Irish and IB Diploma exams.


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