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Find out what is on offer and what is coming up. Our training programs are designed to help you get the most out of our products.

Free training for teachers and students

We understand that adopting new technologies can be daunting and often challenging, for teachers and students alike. With this in mind, we provide expert training designed to build confidence and help you get to grips with some of the key features of the fx-CG50 and new ClassWiz range.

6 ways we support teachers and students

  1. Free fx-CG50 induction teacher training. For your department or individually

    Not only will you acquire key skills and gain confidence using the fx-CG50, our training session focuses on using the calculator for learning maths in an A-level topic. We’ll use applicable A-Level question demonstrations which you can use in your next class.

  2. Free student revision webinars

    Learning maths is one thing; studying for A-levels and GCSEs is quite another. To help support students, we host expert-led revision webinars that will hopefully alleviate exam time pressure.

  3. Free fx-CG50 Topic Deep Dives

    These sessions will explore techniques and strategies to use the fx-CG50 effectively for understanding a single topic in context, using exam style questions for A Level, IB and Additional/Further (GCSE) Mathematics.

  4. Why Go Graphic webinars, free for teachers

    An opportunity to explore the importance of graphing technology for Mathematics and ask questions about suitability, functionality and implementation of the fx-CG50 Graphic Calculator.

  5. New ClassWiz Induction sessions

    A demonstration of the new ClassWiz Scientiic Calculator menus and functions, specifically to support teachers in using the new ClassWiz models. We will show the emulator via new ClassPad software, and provide an introduction to the many new features of this free web-based software for teachers.

  6. Free fx-CG50 statistics training for teachers. COMING SOON!

    Specifically focused on use of the fx-CG50 within the teaching of Statistics.

Student and teacher using the Casio fx-CG50

Are you a teacher?

Like any tool, calculators need to be used efficiently in order to deliver the best results. That’s why we offer a range of free teacher training. From department training to group webinars, our training is ideal if you’re looking to improve your basic competency with our products, or address any concerns you may have about our calculators.

Casio ClassWiz

Are you a student or parent?

We offer a range of student webinars throughout the year led by a qualified teachers and calculator experts. The webinar will have a particular focus on how to use our calculators effectively and efficiently to answer actual exam questions.

Assistant Headteacher Melios Michael talks about his experience with trialling and rolling out graphic calculators in his school.

Free resources

Where best to go for Casio resources than your own collection space?

Our resources centre provides hundreds of resources in various formats including video and downloadable pdfs.

There are curated ‘popular’ resources, ‘how to’ sections, calculator model by model resources, as well as guidance on which level of curriculum they relate to.

The best part? You can store them in your own handy ‘my collection’ storage.

New ClassWiz resources

We have recently added a selection of transition videos designed to help make the switch from GTX/EX models to the new CW series.

Reference Leaflet
fx-CG50 Quick Start Guide

Overview of the menu functions of the fx-CG50 with examples for the key apps. Co…

See Resource
Model Video
New ClassWiz: key changes – fx-991CW

New ClassWiz: key changes – fx-991CW What’s changed? Apps, Navigatio…

See Resource
How to Video
3D Lines – Plotting

How to plot lines in 3D in Cartesian and vector forms, or through given points. …

See Resource
Teach Leaflet
Algebra Review 2

Solving simultaneous equations. …

See Resource
Teach Leaflet
Area Between a Curve and a Line

This activity asks learners to sort a set of four cards in order of the size of …

See Resource
How to Leaflet
Background Conic Graph Quick Start fx-CG50

How to plot a conic graph over an image on the fx-CG50. Includes using modify to…

See Resource
Teach Video
Combining Transformations

Support video to accompany the student worksheet investigating the effect of ord…

See Resource
New ClassWiz: Maths Functions – fx-83GTCW-fx-85GTCW

New ClassWiz: Maths Functions – fx-83GTCW-fx-85GTCW What’s changed? …

See Resource
Model Video
New ClassWiz: Maths Functions – fx-991CW

New ClassWiz: Maths Functions – fx-991CW What’s changed? Maths Func…

See Resource

ClassWiz Quickstart guide

Get started on new ClassWiz with our short intro guide video. It covers navigating the new menus and keys, introductions to quick maths and functionality, and the new features available on ClassWiz.


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