OS & Files - Casio Calculators

OS & Files

The operating system (OS) and add-ins give the calculator its functionality. For recent graphic calculators you can update the OS and replace add-ins that have been accidentally deleted.

Files, especially data, can be transferred to newer graphic calculators for analysis.
It is not possible to update the OS, use add-ins or transfer data to older graphic calculators or any scientific calculator.

Please choose the calculator below that you wish to update or transfer files to.

  • fx-CG50
  • fx-9860GIII
  • fx-CG20
  • fx-9860GII

OS update version 3.80

OS 3.80 update has improved USB communication 


Add-ins give the calculator additional functionality. They are pre-installed on your calculator.

Transfer data

Data files can be copied from a computer to the calculator. The file must contain only numeric data (no letters or formatting), and be saved in CSV format.


  • Graphing technology
  • Scientific calculators
  • Exams
  • Curriculum
  • Classroom
  • Students