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Maths Lessons Made Easier with Emulators

Did you know that your Maths lessons can now be made that little bit easier for you and your students? Casio calculator emulators operate and look exactly like the calculator that you're used to, but the emulator runs on your computer. Using Casio calculator emulators, teachers can share their screen with students, helping to teach lessons in the classroom and remotely.

Learning in Lockdown: How Using the Same Calculator Model Helps Teachers and Students

Lockdown adds an extra layer of complexity to teaching. But trying to teach classes that all use different calculators doesn't need to add to the list of challenges. Teachers can avoid the complications that come with teaching classes using mixed and deficient calculators - and enjoy the benefits of teaching students who all use the same model.

Lockdown 3.0: How Teachers are Overcoming Technology Issues This Time Round

We have spoken to Melios Michael, Head of Maths at Hamstead Hall Academy in Birmingham to gain insight into his department's approach to teaching this academic year, with many students based at home and teaching staff needing to adapt methods and use of technology. Find out how our tools can help you to deliver integrated lessons for all students, wherever their location.

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