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Where best to go for Casio resources than your own collection space?
Our resources centre provides hundreds of resources in various formats including video and downloadable pdfs.

There are curated ‘popular’ resources, ‘how to’ sections, calculator model by model resources, as well as guidance on which level of curriculum they relate to.

The best part? You can store them in your own handy ‘my collection’ storage.

How to Video
3D Lines – Plotting

How to plot lines in 3D in Cartesian and vector forms, or through given points. …

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How to Video
Absolute Values fx-83/85GTX

How to use the absolute or modulus function to create a table of values for a fu…

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Teach Leaflet
Algebra Review 2

Solving simultaneous equations. …

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Teach Leaflet
Area Between a Curve and a Line

This activity asks learners to sort a set of four cards in order of the size of …

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How to Leaflet
Background Conic Graph Quick Start fx-CG50

How to plot a conic graph over an image on the fx-CG50. Includes using modify to…

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Teach Video
Combining Transformations

Support video to accompany the student worksheet investigating the effect of ord…

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What if All your students had access to a graphics calculator?

We spoke with four mathematicians with wide teaching experience to find out why they believe so passionately in the benefits to teaching and learning through use of graphic calculators.

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Our webinars are designed to empower both teachers and students with the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of our products. Sign up below.

fx-CG50 graphic calculator

A new calculator generation

Casio Education aim to support all UK schools and their teaching of mathematics.

Casio’s long history started in calculators with the launch of the Casio 14-A calculator in 1957, a revolutionary new device using 342 electric relays that solved addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems up to 14 digits.

In 1985, Casio developed the fx-7000G, the first scientific calculator to incorporate graphic function. The fx-7000G offered 82 scientific function and held 422 bytes of programming memory. Today Casio fx-CG50 colour graphic calculator offers over 2,900 functions and 61,000 bytes of programming memory.

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