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Whatever school year you’re going into, there are so many benefits to having a good calculator for your maths classes.

Calculators don’t just give you answers; they help you gain a deeper understanding of the principles of mathematics. They also support and improve your mental and written maths.

Teachers like it when all their students have the same calculator, as it saves time and levels the playing field. Also, 88% of teachers surveyed recommend Casio scientific calculators as they have all the key functions, the latest display technology and the highest build quality.

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Student using the Casio ClassWiz calculator


You’ll need a scientific calculator for GCSE Maths. Scientific calculators handle standard arithmetic, and then add extra functionality like cube roots, powers, statistics, trigonometry and more. They are also very useful for other subjects such as Science, so one model covers all your subjects.


At A-level you’ll be learning areas of maths you’ve not yet encountered. There will be new and more complex types of calculation. You will need at least an advanced scientific calculator to cover the minimum syllabus requirements.

A Level students using the fx-CG50 graphing calculator


Maths is compulsory (both SL and HL) for the full IB Diploma. This reflects the prevalence of mathematics in our lives, with all its interdisciplinary connections. Students are expected to have access to a graphic calculator at all times during the course and in exams.

Exams Eligibility

All calculator models sold by Casio UK are permitted in UK school exams. Some models are permitted in Irish and IB exams.