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ClassWiz Emulator on

Introducing New ClassPad

Your new web based emulator for ClassWiz calculators

How to register for a new ClassPad emulator.

1. Request your emulator licence code

Register for your license code at

2. Issuing of license codes

Once you have applied you will receive an email with your license code. If your email does not arrive, please check your spam.

3. Visit

You will need to register and activate your license code at

4. Register your license code

Register for a Casio ID and then click ‘if you have a license code, click here’

5. Enter your license code

Please enter your 9 digit license code as provided in your confirmation email.

6. Here is ClassPad

UK models are:
●     New range: fx-991CW, fx-83/85GT CW
●     Outgoing range: fx-991EX, fx-83/85GTX

7. Access the emulator

Click anywhere and then click the calculator icon to access the emulator

8. Choose your UK model

UK models are:
New models: fx-991CW, fx-83/85GT CW
Older models: fx-991EX, fx-83/85GTX

9. Enjoy your emulator and ClassPad

There’s lots more we have to tell you about ClassPad, but for now we’ll let you play around with the emulator. To register for news and updates on how to get more out of ClassPad please register below.

Download your calculator policy template

Our calculator guidance and policy templates are available for schools to customise and share with students and parents. Helping to avoid the complications of mixed calculator use in class.

A Level students using the fx-CG50 graphing calculator

Supported pricing for UK schools

Casio provide supported pricing available for UK schools and educational institutions participating in our programmes.

Are you interested in graphing technology?

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