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Online scientific calculator emulator

ClassPad is a web-based teaching and learning environment with an online scientific calculator emulator that helps users explore and understand maths.

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ClassPad is Casio’s web-based teaching and learning environment, bringing together the ClassWiz online scientific calculator emulator and many other useful tools.

The technology is designed to help users take a visual approach to exploring and understanding the maths curriculum. With the ability to display graphs, analyse statistics and perform a range of calculations, it opens up new ways to enhance your teaching and strengthen student understanding.

Benefits of the scientific calculator emulator

The online scientific calculator emulator available within ClassPad can help you save valuable time in the classroom, engage your students and strengthen vital skills.

It has many potential applications that can benefit teachers and students alike, including the ability to plan lessons with sticky notes of exam questions and live modelling of operations such as inputting trigonometric functions, fraction calculations and decimal conversions.

Accessible from anywhere
ClassPad is fully web-based, meaning all you need to access it is a registered account, a web browser and an internet connection.

Stronger engagement
There’s no denying the learning and engagement benefits of visual stimulation. This is something our scientific calculator emulator excels at thanks to features such as digital sticky notes and shape creation functions.

Supports both independent and collaborative learning
Being able to see the teacher’s shared calculator screen and also access their own device gives students autonomy over their learning, as well as the ability to help and work with their peers.

Builds calculator confidence
The more familiar and comfortable students are with their calculator, the better prepared they will be to use this tool effectively in exams.

How to register for a new ClassPad emulator.

1. Request your emulator licence code

2. Check you have received an email containing your code

3. Visit and register for a Casio ID

Casio ClassPad

4. Enter your licence code

Teaching a maths lesson with ClassPad

You should now have online access to the ClassPad platform. Once inside, click the calculator icon to open the emulator and choose the model you want to use.

With the emulator open, you’re free to explore everything it can do, including:

• Entering numbers, functions and other data using the emulator keys or a computer keyboard
• Taking screenshots of the calculation screen and saving them as sticky notes
• Generating graphs and numerical tables from calculation results
• Displaying the key input history and copying it to a sticky note

More information about the diverse features and functionality of the platform is available on

Maths teacher using ClassPad

Scientific calculators that can be used in the emulator

ClassPad features emulators for all Casio scientific calculators. The current models in this range are the fx-991CW, fx-83GT CW and fx-85GT CW.

The platform also supports the previous versions of these calculators – the fx-991EX and fx-83/85GTX.

Get your licence now to access ClassPad and start sharing the benefits of online scientific calculator emulators with your students.


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