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Casio training and support: find out what’s on offer and what’s coming up

Aug 2023 Medium Read: 4 Min

At Casio Education, we want to provide as much support as we can to empower teachers and students to make the most of our technology. We work closely with a dedicated team of maths teachers and experts to ensure we have the best understanding of what goes on in the classroom.

Here’s an update on the training and resources currently on offer, as well as a look ahead to what we’re planning for the future.

Get to know the Casio fx-CG50

We understand that adopting new technologies can be daunting and often challenging, for teachers and students alike. With this in mind, we provide expert training designed to build confidence and help you get to grips with some of the key features of the fx-CG50.

Our free fx-CG50 training provides an introduction to our most advanced graphic calculator, which is our recommended option for A-level maths, particularly for students operating at greater depth.

In these sessions, you’ll get an insight into the most commonly used features of the calculator, including graphs, and how they can be applied to enhance learning. The information is put into context with A-level exam question demonstrations around a particular topic.

The training is delivered by qualified maths teachers who know what it’s like to use the calculator in a classroom environment. Sessions predominantly take place online, but we also attend conferences and run special events where we deliver face-to-face training, often in collaboration with schemes such as the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme.

You could find specialist training in using the Casio fx-CG50 particularly useful if you aren’t confident with using graphing technology or you’re just getting started. The sessions are designed to be inductions, allowing you to work at your own pace and take the time you need to get to know the device.

If you already feel fairly confident with the fx-CG50 and want to go deeper into its capabilities, one of our forthcoming Topic Deep Dives could be a better option.

Enhance collaboration with emulators

Our emulators are available on a free one-year licence for maths teachers in the UK and Ireland. A powerful tool to enhance classroom learning, emulator software executes operations in the same way as a calculator, but enables you to display and demonstrate these functions to the whole class.

This can have many benefits, including higher levels of engagement and collaboration, more effective modelling and new opportunities for students to get more from their calculators.

Want to demonstrate a trigonometry question that prompts discussion across the whole class? A graphic emulator is the perfect way to do it.

Emulators are available for both scientific and graphic calculators.


The ClassWiz series has just been given a revamp, with a refreshed physical design, new navigation options and additional features. Webinars provided the perfect forum to explore the new models and their capabilities.

After the success of our ClassWiz webinars in June and July, we’re planning a range of similar events in the future, with a particular focus on working more closely with students as well as teachers.

A key part of that is offering dedicated revision webinars for students preparing for GCSE and A-level maths exams.

Loan sets

We know that many schools and teachers want to give new technologies a try before fully adopting them, particularly when the transition involves students getting used to new ways of working.

Doing a trial run of a new calculator means you can see it in action, get first-hand answers to your biggest questions and examine how students get on with the tool as a support for their learning.

With this in mind, we offer loan sets for the fx-CG50, so you can test it out and see what you think before committing to a full purchase.

What’s coming up in the future?

We have lots of exciting plans to expand the range of support and solutions we’re able to offer teachers and students.

We’re working on ideas for a series of monthly Topic Deep Dives. These continuing professional development opportunities will take a detailed look at particular subjects using the fx-CG50.

Our top-of-the-range graphic calculator is also at the heart of our plans to offer more direct support for students. We’re hoping to launch initiatives that reduce pressure on teachers and empower students, including workshops on how to use the fx-CG50.

Another offering currently at the planning stage is a statistics training session, which will focus on the potential applications of the fx-CG50’s Distribution app.

So as you can see, there are lots of options available if you’re looking for training, information and advice on getting the best out of Casio calculators. We’re ready to help in any way we can, so if you have any questions or want to discuss your school’s technology