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ClassWiz webinar series overview

Oct 2023 Short Read: 2 Min

Transitioning to the new ClassWiz

The ClassWiz series has just been given a revamp, with a refreshed physical design, new navigation options and additional features. Webinars provided the perfect forum to explore the new models and their capabilities.

After the success of our ClassWiz webinars in the summer, we’re planning a range of similar events in the future, with a particular focus on working more closely with students as well as teachers.

If you missed our ClassWiz webinar series, don’t worry, you can view a recording below.

Making the most of the new ClassWiz range

A scientific calculator is a minimum requirement for maths students at key stage 4, as they embark on deeper explorations of concepts including algebra, graphs, quadratic equations and statistics.

All the functionality GCSE learners will need can be found in our fx-83/85GT CW models, including log, exponential, trigonometric and hyperbolic calculation, mean, standard deviation, regression and equivalent ratios.

For higher-tier students – and certainly for those planning to move on to A-level maths – we recommend at least the fx-991 CW, which offers additional features including complex number calculations, polynomial solve and probability distributions.

These scientific calculators make up the new ClassWiz range, which has been upgraded with a focus on ease of use and simplicity. Key additions include a more intuitive menu structure and a dedicated Function key, which can unlock valuable time-saving benefits in exams.

Seek expert support

At Casio, we do more than design and manufacture calculators. We want to provide as much help, advice and resource support as possible to ensure the busy teachers and students using our devices can get the best out of them.

You can find a wealth of information across our website, including details on the enhanced capabilities of the new ClassWiz range