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Your students will need a scientific calculator for trigonometry and statistics. The choice is between a minimum-requirement and an advanced model. All our scientific calculators have natural display (for example showing fractions with a numerator and denominator) and are permitted in GCSE exams. 

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A-Level Maths

The minimum DfE requirement is for a calculator with an iterative function and required statistical distributions. The fx-991EX is the minimum-specification calculator with these functions.

Maths is a visual subject, and graphs form a significant part of A-level. The DfE requires that technology should permeate the curriculum, and a graphical calculator facilitates this. A graphical calculator allows you to draw and analyse graphs and undertake more sophisticated calculations than is possible on a scientific calculator. This will give your students a significant advantage in lessons and exams. 

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A-level Further Maths

The minimum requirement is for a calculator with an iterative function, calculations with matrices order 3 x 3,  and required statistical distributions. The fx-991EX is the minimum specification calculator with these functions, depending on the required statistical distributions.

Exploring and analysing graphs is a major part of the syllabus. Your students will gain significant advantage in both learning and exams from using a graphical calculator.

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IB Diploma

Students will require a graphical calculator. The choice depends on the level of sophistication in calculation and graph display. Many teachers opt for the fx-CG50 as it is competitive on price and highly functional. Please check the full specification here