Computer and calculator workshop for secondary mathematics

Computer and calculator workshop for secondary mathematics

May 2021 Medium Read: 3 Min

A great chance to improve your skills by learning from experts, Douglas Butler, Mick Blaylock, and Mark Heslop at the National STEM Learning Centre, University of York. Saturday 24 November 2018.

Schedule for the day

09:30 Registration and coffee

=== 10:00-10:55 PLENARY ===

10:00 – Steve Lyon, Mathematics Specialist, STEM Centre, York
10:05 – Gerard Dummett, UK Education Manager, Casio Calculators
Tutors’ Challenges:
10:10 – Douglas Butler
10:25 – Mick Blaylock
10:40 – Mark Heslop

=== 11:00-13:00 WORKSHOPS A ===

A1 – “Autograph 4 for teaching KS3-4 and A level”
Douglas Butler, with Leona So:
This session will introduce the use of attributes in the exciting new Autograph 4, and look at the power of visualisation for KS3-4 topics, including inverse functions, estimating gradients of graphs, and completing the square. There will also be a look at some KS5 topics in 2D and 3D, including the new Argand Diagram page: this enables representation of complex numbers as dynamic objects.

A2 – “Advanced Scientific Calculators (for Core Maths and A level)”
Mick Blaylock, with Martin Withington:
Calculators are increasingly powerful and are an essential tool in examinations. For the new A-level exams the expectation is that they should be used ‘to compute summary statistics and access probabilities from standard statistical distributions’. This session will explore features of the new advanced scientific calculators and the best approaches to embed them in teaching. Please bring your own calculator

A3 – “Problem Solving using Graphic Calculators (for AS/A level Mathematics)”
Mark Heslop, with A.N.Other
Using the CG50 as a teaching aid for trigonometry, numerical methods, calculus, modelling mathematically and hypothesis testing for the new specification.

=== 13:05-13:55 LUNCH ===

Philip Yorke, from Chartwell-Yorke, will display useful maths software such as ‘MathType’, ‘MathsNet’ and ‘Teach A-Level Maths Powerpoints’, on offer alongside Autograph 4 and Autograph books.

Gerard Dummett from Casio (UK), will display the full range of calculators suitable for KS3-5

=== 14:00-16:00 WORKSHOPS B ===

B1 – “Autograph 4 for teaching Statistics and large data”
Douglas Butler, with Leona So:
This will include data handling topics in GCSE: effective ways to create single variable and bivariate sample data; how visualisation can secure understanding of scatter diagrams and large data sets; and the all-important topic of histograms, to insure a correct handling of frequency density.

B2 – “Spreadsheets and Large Data Sets”
Mick Blaylock, with Martin Withington:
Excel is an important tool for Maths teaching and has been an ingredient of all TSM workshops. This session will explore relative, absolute and mixed references for exploring number properties, patterns, series and modelling, including optimisation problems. It will also explore ways of working with the large data sets provided for the new A-levels by AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Additionally ideas for using online data, including the TSM Resources collection of downloadable data will be explored.

B3 – “Graphic Calculators for AS/A level Further Mathematics”
Mark Heslop, with A. N. Other
Using the CG50 as teaching aid for vectors and planes in 3 Dimensions, conic sections, getting the most out of the Matrix functions and polar coordinates.

=== 16:00 TEA and depart ===