The Classwiz Makes a Difference

The Classwiz Makes a Difference

May 2021 Medium Read: 3 Min

On a vacation to Uganda four years ago, Janet Duchesne and her husband Steve happened upon the village of Nkuringo. Nkuringo is an isolated community set on the top of a mountain, 2200 meters above sea level. Janet and Steve built up extremely strong bonds with the local people in Nkuringo and they could see their lives were beset with difficulties due to extremely impoverished living conditions , despite this the people were still rich in joy and love for each other. After realising there was no education system, they decided to start a sponsor programme. This started off as an opportunity for people to sponsor a child and help them attend school providing them with education, board and uniform. Four years on and the sponsor programme has grown immensely, Go Uganda now offer other ways to help, people can now pay for mattresses, goats, hens, large water tanks and much more to provide a better life for the community.

In February 2018 Casio UK ran a trial set scheme, offering over a 100 A-Level schools to test the fx-CG50 and have the opportunity to swap there fx-991EXs for the fx-CG50. This turned out to be a great success and resulted in over 3,000 fx-991EXs being returned. As a result the Calculator Department had a large amount of excess scientific calculators, most still in perfect condition and wanted these to make a difference to less privileged schools.


Only a few weeks later, Jenny Aldridge from the Go Uganda charity got in touch with Jasmin Hart, Marketing intern, and asked for some electronic, solar panelled calculators to take over to Nkuringo in October 2018. It was perfect timing and we were extremely happy to help, offering 300 calculators along with 100 pencil cases filled with essential stationary.

On Wednesday 5th September Jenny Aldridge, Janet Duchesne and Stephen Knowlden travelled to Casio HQ, to be met by Jasmin Hart, Shunichi Watanabe – Managing Director, Tim Gould – Deputy Managing Director and Gerard Dummett – UK Education Manager. Jenny, Janet and Stephen discussed their extensive fundraising achievements and their aspirations for Go Uganda. The 300 calculators and pencils cases were presented. This started their journey to the deserving pupils and teachers in schools from Nkuringo.

The feedback and messages we’ve received from the pupil’s and teachers from Nkuringo has been amazing, learning that the pupils are treating their calculators and pencil cases “like treasure” and some even take them to their church service has been humbling. As well as a personal letter from the Head Teacher thanking us for our donation. We’re overwhelmed with the appreciation we have received both from the charity themselves and the pupils and teachers at Nkuringo Primary and Secondary School.

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Our hopes for the future is to continue to support and work with the Go Uganda charity and the education system in Nkuringo. In the upcoming year Casio are hoping to go on the annual trip to Nkuringo and pay a personal visit to the pupil’s and teachers themselves. As well as Casio UK’s aspirations to provide support, Go Uganda have a couple of ambitious projects they’re now working on. Their wish is to build an underground water tank large enough to provide water for the entire village, as well as a new clinic. We wish them all the best in their endeavours.