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Supporting Learning with Casio Emulator Software

Sep 2022 Medium Read: 3 Min

Supporting Learning with Casio Emulator Software

Casio emulator software enables teachers to display a Casio calculator screen to the whole class. Teachers can show the entire class how certain functions work, allowing the whole class to work collaboratively, viewing the same screen and following along with their device.

The emulator helps students get the most out of the calculator and does not miss out on some functionality by trying to learn everything themselves. Let’s explore how the emulator software works and the benefits it brings to students.

Did you know Casio provides free emulator licences for teachers in the UK and Ireland? Find out more here.

How emulator software works

Casio emulator software runs on your PC (or Mac) and allows teachers to demonstrate calculator functions to the whole class, no matter where they are. It will enable teachers to explain new material using a shared display at the front of the classroom — sharing screens in a virtual learning environment. Having this single view for all students creates an inclusive learning environment, and, as a result, students can learn more effectively. The emulator software performs and displays operations the same way as students’ calculators, meaning they can follow along with their calculators.

How emulator software enhances learning

Enhance collaboration and engagement

Using the emulator software, you can display your calculator screen to your entire class. As a result, your students have a visual prompt to focus discussions. Many students prefer it when you show them rather than tell them. Seeing your calculator screen and how you solve problems is much more engaging than having you tell them or work through a textbook, making it more likely that they’ll retain that knowledge. 

Adaptable for virtual and blended learning

As the last few years have shown, it’s important to be prepared for anything, including teaching over video links at short notice. The good news is that emulators work just as well on a video call as they do in your classroom, making them ideal for virtual and blended learning.

Focus on teaching maths rather than the device

With the emulator, it’s often easier for students to comprehend what they need to do to solve a problem. The visual demonstration makes it faster to explain mathematical principles, ensuring that they have more time to explore the problems. 

In particular, when introducing new concepts or more advanced topics, it becomes easier for your students to follow if they can see your emulator. 

Demonstrate new features to students

Casio calculators are filled with features your students may not know about immediately. Using an emulator, it’s possible to show students each step they need to follow to work through a problem. As a result, emulators enable a better understanding of how calculators work. Building confidence in your students will help them explore more complex maths during lessons and ensure they’re comfortable using their calculator for their exams. 

Check your emulator is up to date

To enable your school to take advantage of emulator software, Casio UK provides free emulator licence codes for teachers in the UK and Ireland to use in classrooms. Codes are available for colour graphic, monochrome graphic and scientific calculators, and each licence code lasts for one year after it is activated.  

If you’ve previously requested codes, check that they’re still in date. It’s also worth checking that you’re using the latest emulator software version, so you’re confident everything is up to date, ensuring you’re ready for the new school year.