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Meet Amarpreet Singh Kular: Enhancing Casio’s Support for Teachers

Apr 2023 Medium Read: 4 Min

Practical, hands-on, and easy-to-access support is a top priority for Casio’s new Education Manager, Amarpreet Singh Kular. Fresh out of the classroom, we are excited to welcome Amarpreet to the team. In this article we deep dive into how he wants to evolve and develop how Casio will help teachers in the classroom – and uncover how his teaching experiences will help him shape our offering to teachers.

Unlocking new ways for teachers to access help

It’s apparent from the start that offering practical, easy-to-access support is a top priority for Amarpreet. He’s keen to broaden the offering, as he says, “not just focusing on the basics, but going deeper into the functions fx-CG50 and how it support students to succeed”

He’s also clear that truly supporting teachers is more than providing resources; understanding and empathising with the unique challenges teachers across the country face is key when developing programmes to help them in the classroom.

Extending the offer of support to students

The fx-CG50 is a student investment into their Mathematics journey and Amarpreet’s aim is to extend the offer of support directly to students, and continue with our training and support programmes for teachers. More support for students will potentially make things easier for teachers to teach using the fx-CG50 and ensure everyone is making the most out of the calculator 

Leveraging his teaching experience

Amarpreet has over 12 years of experience in the classroom, working from the start with A Level students. This early exposure allowed him to work with talented young mathematicians and meet some who needed more support.

While teaching, it has given him the opportunity to travel and explore education systems around the world, including roles in British International schools in Southeast Asia and Dubai. Returning to the UK, he took the Head of Maths role at a leading grammar school, where they had a large sixth form intake. He was already familiar with Casio technology, as the fx-CG50 was a popular device in his school.

But following a chance conversation, Amarpreet was offered the opportunity to work with Casio. He took the role because it allowed him to “positively impact maths education, not just in my classroom, but in classrooms around the country.”

Amarpreet shares that the role “offers the opportunity to help teachers use technology to make more of an impact, when supporting students learn, engage and understand better mathematical concepts.”

Connecting teachers with other colleagues

A big part of his ethos is building a community where teachers can find help and share their knowledge with their peers. Amarpreet is clear: he wants to bring in “people who are using the fx-CG50 in their classroom to share their experiences” enabling them to run peer-to-peer webinars focusing on particular mathematical concept. The whole Casio trainer team are all qualified maths teachers, with over ten years’ experience minimum in the classroom. And he’s looking for more teachers to come forward and collaborate to share their knowledge.

It’s apparent from speaking with Amarpreet that he’s committed to growing and developing Casio’s offer to support teachers. As we finish this article, he reemphasises, “if you have ideas or want to collaborate, we’re keen to hear them. Ultimately, it’s about helping teachers positively impact the classroom. It’s what led me first into teaching and then into accepting this role that enables me to help teachers in classrooms around the country”

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