Why the fx-CG50? Learn maths visually

Why the fx-CG50? Learn maths visually

May 2022 Short Read: 2 Min

Learn maths visually. Link concepts.
Easy-to-operate. Exam-compliant.

The fx-CG50 colour graphing calculator is the UK’s most popular graphing calculator. It offers so much more than a scientific calculator.

Plot and analyse key features of functions using Cartesian, polar and parametric forms. Intuitively calculate and graph all probability distributions and tests with the new app. Solve many types of equations and inequalities, with exact roots of polynomials, and relate them to the graphs. Sketch and analyse derivative functions, tangents, normals and areas of integration. Explore and analyse the LDS with summary statistics and charts by importing data. Plot, rotate and analyse the relationship and intersection of lines and planes in 3D. Explore the focus-directrix properties of conics and the graphs of iterative functions, including staircase and cobweb diagrams.

Students start to use the calculator immediately with its intuitive menu-driven interface, and calculation and function entry familiar from their Casio scientific calculator. They can quickly experiment with alternative forms and approaches to stimulate mathematical discussions.

This graphing calculator pushes the boundary of what is possible in the classroom. Students are limited only by their imagination. Their learning goes deeper. And they carry that learning into the exam on the same device.

The fx-CG50 has all the functions of our advanced scientific calculator and is permitted in all UK exams.

Our latest update: Hypothesis tests made easy at last with the new intuitive probability distribution app.
CG50 menu I Distribution

If you’d like to know more about using the fx-CG50 graphic calculator, we provide free training for teachers. Our skills training sessions are run by teaching experts who know the fx-CG50 inside-out. We also have a range of resources available in our extensive resource centre it even includes a build your own resources collection feature to make it easy to find the resources most relevant to you.