4 Reasons A-Level Maths Is a Brilliant Idea

4 Reasons A-Level Maths Is a Brilliant Idea

Jul 2021 Medium Read: 3 Min

Four key reasons A-Level maths is such a brilliant idea

Even if you’re students are someone who would rather write a 3,000-word essay than solve a complex equation, A-Level Maths could be a superb study choice.

It’s often said that the benefits of maths extend far beyond the obvious career paths that relate to numbers. Students gain invaluable skills that can be applied in all manner of social situations and within jobs that they’d never expect.

What’s more, students will get to use some really cool tech and always feel like theyre on the edge of technological advancements and methods of problem-solving.

But let’s look at the four key reasons A-Level maths is such a brilliant idea.

1: Your students will be as fast-moving as technology

It’s hard to keep up with technology, isn’t it? Whether you’re a teacher, student or parent, the countless devices, apps and ways of working can be rather overwhelming.

However, as technology advances, so too does maths. And that means its role in both work and everyday life is absolutely essential. Even if you’re students are not that keen on working with numbers, an A-Level in maths will provide them with some exciting opportunities to work at the forefront of technology.

2: Your students will gain a head start with their career

(whatever it might be)

It’s worth reiterating that maths can give students a significant head start in lots of careers and industries. In fact, one of the most common qualification-related questions students are likely to be asked in any interview is how far you got with Maths at school.

Most employers or universities will expect at least a C+ in GCSE maths, therefore if students can team that with an A-Level qualification, they stand an even better chance.


3: Students will gain life skills

There is of course a lot of practical work involved in A-Level maths, students who have taken A-Level maths are usually:

  • better problem-solvers;
  • capable of thinking logically;
  • highly analytical; and
  • fond of research.

The net result is a person who is far more capable of solving complex problems – no matter where they arise – and who takes a pragmatic approach to life’s biggest challenges.

They’re pretty good at pub quizzes, too.

4: Students will gain access to more career opportunities

Even if students end their maths education at A-Level, they will still have a wealth of potential careers to explore.

They’re exciting, too. Some will even surprise them. 

Here are three careers that will benefit significantly from an A-Level in maths.

Teaching. If students enjoy helping people learn, there are few better career paths than teaching. An A-Level in maths is actually enough to help students start the journey towards becoming a maths tutor – you don’t necessarily need a degree.

 Software and game development. The software development industry is, as you might expect, colossal. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for your students; indeed, if they have an A-Level in maths, they will already have amassed some of the key skills required to develop software, games and online services. They will potentially be in high demand.

Construction. Yes, you read that right – maths will play a key role if your students want to get into construction and architecture. Whether they’re planning a small three-bedroom home or London’s next skyscraper, a solid grasp of numbers will put them ahead of the pack.

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