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fx-CG50 Training


As part of our support for the fx-CG50 graphic calculator, we offer free training to teachers. Our trainers are experienced teachers who understand the current challenges in the classroom. They not only show you how to use the calculator but how to use it as a learning tool.

Training is available in your school. Please click the ‘I am a teacher’ icon below for more details.

We also offer training on the fx-CG50 graphic calculator through the Pearson Edexcel Collaborative Networks and AMSP Networks. If you are Network Coordinator, please click the appropriate link below. If you are a teacher in a Network, please contact your local coordinator for details.

If you are a teacher who runs a network not included above, or you have a different requirement, please contact us education@casio.co.uk and we will try our best to help you. Free training is available only on the fx-CG50 graphic calculator.

There are many training videos and other resources for all our calculators here. Please feel free to use these to help you and your students get the best from our calculators.


We are regretfully postponing our calculator training sessions until at least June. The health and safety of teachers and students, and that of our trainers and partners, is of paramount importance to us. We have a responsibility to contribute to containing and reducing the risk of spreading the virus. 

We hope you understand our decision.  If you would like to book a session for June or later, please complete the form below, and we will get in touch. Please bear in mind that we may have to cancel these sessions if the situation doesn't improve sufficiently.

Full training on the fx-CG50 graphic calculator in your school for the department. Please click here to request a session for your school.


A brief introduction to the fx-CG50 at an AMSP or Maths Hub meeting for a choice of topics. If you are a network coordinator, please click here to request a session.

I am a Network Coordinator

Can I have training on other graphic calculators?

Unfortunately training is not available from Casio for the fx-9860 and fx-9750. There are teaching resources which include how to use the calculator here. Training on the fx-CG20 is the same as for the fx-CG50, and is available free. Please note that the trainer will use the fx-CG50, but use is exactly the same for both calculators. Your trainer can support any concerns you may have about the two calculators.

Can I have training on the fx-991EX?

Unfortunately Casio do not offer training on this calculator. There are resources on using the calculator here.