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Prepare your students for their maths exams

Set up for exam success

Exam season will soon be here. Don’t let your students struggle with pre-exam stresses

A Level students using the fx-CG50 graphing calculator

fx-CG50 exam techniques

Calculators are a vital source of support for students at exam time. With that in mind, we want to share some key skills, calculator modes and exam techniques of the fx-CG50.

Examiner Rose Jewell talks about the Casio fx-CG50

Past exam learnings

We spoke with an experienced senior examiner and A-level maths teacher to get her views on preparing for exams, best practices and how students can take full advantage of their calculators.

Students with Casio ClassWiz calculators

How to ensure calculators are an efficient tool for GCSE maths exams

Every model in our range of scientific and graphic calculators is a powerful tool, but to ensure your students are getting the best out of them, it’s crucial to focus on efficient use.

Exam eligibility

All calculator models sold by Casio UK are permitted in UK school exams. Some models are permitted in Irish and IB exams.

Set up the fx-CG50 for exams

Mathematician Simon May shares his top tips for setting up the fx-CG50 for exams.

Prepare your students for their maths exams

James Davis, Head of KS5 Further Mathematics, Newstead Wood School, shares his experiences of preparing his students for their exams.

fx-CG50 exam tips

Build student confidence during exams with these helpful tips when using the fx-CG50.

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Casio offer a large suite of resources available for UK schools and cover teaching with calculators alongside the most popular subject topics for GCSE and A Level.

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Casio offer a range of calculators for the large variety of maths, science and engineering courses across the United Kingdom and Ireland.


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