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Why are teachers going graphic?

Because complex maths just got faster.

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Why Go Graphic?

Understand relationships, patterns and rules

"Instead of looking for the abstract we can move onto graphical representations much quicker and it saves the students a lot of time too."

Enable experimentation

"Students can explore a lot more. They can change variables easily and plot the graph to try to look at a relationship, then try it algebraically."

Stretch understanding

"It lets them play around with it, and very quickly they get an answer to something that is maybe beyond their current skillset."

Engage students

Keep them more engaged by enabling them to change the questions and explore what happens when elements are altered.

Everyone learns at their own pace

Don’t tie maths lessons to ‘when the computer room is available’.

Improve results

In a test at Hamstead Hall Academy, one student achieved 10 more marks with the fx-CG50 than they achieved without it – a huge difference that could lead to a higher grade.

fx-CG50 skills training

Master maths on the fx-CG50 with a free one-hour skills training session via Zoom.

Graphical calculators are the perfect fit for post 16 and secondary learning, and it’s why you’ll increasingly spot the fx-CG50 in A-Level maths classes and some GCSE's.

Not only will you acquire key skills and gain confidence using the fx-CG50, our training session focuses on using the calculator for learning maths in an A-level topic. We'll use applicable A-Level question demonstrations which you can use in your next class. Delivered by training experts who know the calculator inside out, we'll teach you and up to four colleagues at a time of your choosing.

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Find out what teachers and students have to say about fx-CG50

Teachers and students across the UK are discovering the benefits of the fx-CG50. Explore our case studies and hear how the fx-GC50 is making maths easier. Learn how schools have benefited from the calculator, how they’ve implemented it and how they use it to address their challenges.

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Join us for one hour over Zoom

The health and safety of teachers and students, and that of our trainers and partners, is of paramount importance to us, therefore, for the foreseeable future, our calculator training sessions will be taking place online via Zoom.

If you would like to book a free online Zoom training session, please register below.

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All UK schools receive a special discount when they order online. Usually priced at £149.99, you can buy the fx-CG50 online now for just £69.95 excluding VAT.


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