Go Graphic

"When did maths get this easy?"

Why are Teachers Going Graphic?

Learn theories, rules and patterns

Help students to learn theories, rules and patterns - and apply them to different problems at A-level

Change variables on graphs quickly

Students can see the effect and results on various graphs for themselves

Everyone learns at their own pace

Don’t tie maths lessons to ‘when the computer room is available’

Enable experimentation

Students learn the theory and/or pattern through fast experimentation with variations

Engage students

Using the CG50 helps students understand how what different types of graphs and builds their confidence

Improve results

In tests at Hamstead Hall Academy students achieved on average 10 marks higher marks with the CG50

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The Casio fx-CG50 graphic calculator is used by many schools to teach A-level. An increasing number are also using it at GCSE.

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The A-Z of graphic calculators: From a brief introduction to binomial distribution and how to use bivariate data in 26 short videos.

What Teachers Are Saying About the CG50

Find out what teachers are saying
Daniel Crowhurst
Head of Maths, Oxted School
Before we’ve looked very much at the mechanics of what the calculator can do to make everything quicker and simpler whereas now we are looking at it as a tool to develop the experience and really develop the understanding rather than just a basic calculation tool
"We wanted to take a new approach to teaching, which involved the graphic calculator specifically"

Stephen Stodart, Deputy Head of Maths, Oxted School
"Students are very used to using Casio calculators so... they know roughly where a lot of the buttons are anyway"

Lorraine Bennett, KS5 Coordinator for Maths, Oxted School

991EX vs. CG50

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991EX - The minimum spec for A-Level
Everything from the 991EX plus...
Random Sampling
Random Sampling
Probability Distributions

Go to the Max for Every Student


Answer checking boosts confidence


Graphing provides new ways to understand and visualise maths


Allow students to learn at their own pace in class


Don’t tie maths lessons to ‘when the computer room is available’