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CG50: Solve Simultaneous Equations

Video Transcript

In this tutorial, we're looking at how to use the CG50 to solve simultaneous equations. To work along with this tutorial, you may find it easiest to reset the calculator before starting so that your screen exactly matches the one in the video.

The CG50 will solve systems of equations up to six unknown's, but in this tutorial, I'll just be using two. Make sure your equations are written in the standard way with the Xs, the Ys, the equal signs and the constants underneath each other. When typed into the calculator only the numbers are used.

From the main menu, choose equation mode. From here choose simultaneous and two for the number of unknowns. Then type 2 and execute, 3 and then 7 for the first equation. Notice the cursor moves across the matrix, ready for the next value. Then you can type 5 and -4 and then 4 for the second equation.

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Solve gives the X and Y values as decimals and fractions. Scroll down to see the fraction version of the Y value and use the SD key to see more decimal places. Moving on from simultaneous equations, you might want to explore using equation mode to solve quadratic, cubic and higher polynomial equations as well.

Use Exit as many times as you need to go back to the previous menu screens and make different choices. You can find additional resources at education.casio.co.uk

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