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CG50: Single Variable Statistical Calculation

Video Transcript

In this tutorial we're looking at statistical calculations for a list of numbers and for numbers with a frequency. To work along with this tutorial, you may find it easiest to reset the calculator before starting, so your screen matches the one in the video.

Choose stats mode and type your data into one of the lists. I'm using list one in this demonstration. Choose calc and check the settings. Set single variable calculations to list one and then scroll to set the frequency to one. Execute, choose calc again, and you'll see a list of statistics including the mean standard deviations, core tiles mode and some totals.

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We could type the same data as a frequency table, so we will need to go back and change the settings to do this. Press exit and then set to change the settings. Scroll to frequency and choose list and list two. Execute and exit calc mode to delete the data that's already there,. Type the list of values from the table into list one and then scroll across the list two and type the frequencies. Scroll through the menu to find calc and the same values as before are displayed.

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