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CG50: How to Draw Graphs in Conics Mode

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this tutorial we'll be looking at how to draw circles from their equation and all the other conic section graphs needed in further maths: the parabolas, ellipses and hyperbole. To work along with this tutorial. You may find it easiest to reset your calculator before starting so that the screen matches the one in the video.

Choose conics mode and scroll down to the circle equation and execute. Type the values 3 for H, -1 for K and root 5 for R. And execute. Press draw to enter the graph mode and pan up to see the complete circle. Exit to go back through the menus to the main conics menu, choose parabola and set the value of A to one. Notice H and K have their previous values. Choose modify. Scroll down to select each parameter in turn and sideways to increase or decrease the value. Notice the values of H and K determine the position of the vertex of the parabola.

Sometimes the equation of the conic graph is given parametrically, so go back to the main conics menu, choose parametric form and scroll down to choose hyperbola. Set A and B to 1, initially, and H and K to 0. Use execute for each value and then F1 opens the graph in modify. Scroll sideways to change A. Scroll down to select B and across to change B.

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Sometimes the equation of a conic is given in polar form, so we turned to the conics menu and choose polar form. Scroll through the list to the required graph, and execute. Next set the parameters. I'm going to use 0.5 here for e and p equals one, but I'm going to change them later. F1 to modify. Scroll down to change P and scroll again to change the step size. And then back up to change e. If you want to change the axes, you'll have to press exit to enter graph mode and zoom there.

Why don't you investigate how the graph changes for different values of e and p. You can find additional resources at education.casio.co.uk.

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