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Casio Education aim to support all UK schools and their teaching of mathematics.

Casio’s long history started in calculators with the launch of the Casio 14-A calculator in 1957, a revolutionary new device using 342 electric relays that solved addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems up to 14 digits.

In 1985, Casio developed the fx-7000G, the first scientific calculator to incorporate graphic function. The fx-7000G offered 82 scientific function and held 422 bytes of programming memory. Today Casio fx-CG50 colour graphic calculator offers over 2,900 functions and 61,000 bytes of programming memory.

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Plot any graph in Cartesian (rectangular), parametric and polar form. Find the coordinates of roots, turning points and intersections easily.

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Evaluate the derivative at a point. Draw the tangent and normal to the curve, showing the equation. Evaluate integrals and show the shaded area.

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The 3D graphing capability includes built-in formulas for spheres, cylinders, cones, planes and lines.