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Rose Jewell explains why as an examiner and support specialist, she believes in graphing.

What If?

“If teachers knew what I knew about graphical calculators, then they would be able to open up so many options for their students.”

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Students using the Casio fx-CG50

What If?
All your students had access to a graphic calculator?

Are you a teacher that is sceptical or undecided on graphing calculators? Perhaps you believe in their value but struggle to convince your colleagues and leadership team?

Many teachers know the benefits of graphing, but simply cannot justify or find a way to budget for them – given the challenges of equity in UK schools.

The belief of many teachers and experts is that graphic calculators enhance learning in such significant ways, that without them students are at a disadvantage – simply by not having agency to access the learning. More than that, graphing technology enables students to comprehend maths in a wholly deeper and more impactful way.

We spoke to a selection of maths teachers and experts, to gain their insights and also illustrate how Casio can genuinely help in getting you started in graphing technology adoption.

Rose Jewell explains why as an examiner and support specialist, she believes in graphing.

What If graphic calculators could improve your classroom, forever?

Bernard Murphy
Maths Teacher & Education Support Specialist

“It makes them better mathematicians, it makes them make links.
So I think to see that in your classroom, when the students are asking their own questions, they are becoming mathematicians.”

Melios Michael
Assistant Headteacher

“I then had to explain and show the effect it had on my small group…
the higher up you go the more interested they are in results… if you can show that and prove that, they’re willing to take the risk.”

Rhiannon Rainbow
Improvement Lead & ECT Coordinator

“School budgets are very very tight…
speak to your SENCo, speak to your equity champion, speak to your raising standards lead… you might just have enough to get started with your pilot.”

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Graphical calculators are the perfect fit for post-16 and secondary learning, and it’s why you’ll increasingly spot the fx-CG50 in A-Level maths classes and some GCSE’s.

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Casio resources

Developed by teachers, for teachers. We provide a large volume of teaching resources, specifically aimed at demonstrating and supporting teaching and learning with graphing calculators.

Casio offer a large suite of resources available for UK schools and cover teaching with calculators alongside the most popular subject topics for GCSE and A Level.

Available as downloadable PDFs and videos – there is a handy collection of ‘How To’ resources and model specific content. You can also create your own ‘collections’ in order to save your most useful downloads.