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The training is only available for UK and Eire schools

fx-CG50 Core Training


This training will give you a range of skills across the most-used functions of the fx-CG50. It is suitable for teachers who have little or no experience of using this calculator, or who wish to boost their confidence in using it.

The session focuses on using the calculator for learning maths in an A-level topic. Our training is delivered by experienced teachers who have used the calculator in the classroom.

Training takes place online via Zoom and is suitable for 2-6 teachers. It lasts 1 hour.

What you need for the training
Each teacher should have

  • their own fx-CG50 calculator
  • A PC or tablet with a microphone and preferably a webcam (phones are too small to be effective)
Don't currently have access to a Casio fx-CG50? Let us know below and we can help to provide you with one.

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