Training & Loan Sets

As part of the support for the fx-CG50 Casio UK offer free training in your school. We have a network of teachers across the UK who will come to your school to deliver a 2 hour session. Our teacher trainers understand the current challenges in the classroom, they not only show you how to use the calculator but how to use it as a learning tool.

Loan sets are given to schools for 6-8 weeks once training has been arranged. Each loan set contains 15 fx-CG50 calculators and getting started resources. Postage is paid for by Casio UK.

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Loan Set

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Thanks for registering for a loan set. Someone from Casio education will contact you soon. 

If you have any other queries please email education@casio.co.uk

Training Frequently Asked Questions

Where does training take place?

Training is arranged in your school or a similarly convenient location.

How long does training take?

The optimal time is 2 hours. This can be at a time of your choosing, subject to a trainer being available.

Are there minimum numbers?

We do ask for a minimum of 5 teachers. We encourage schools to band together locally for training, and we can help with arranging this.

Who are the trainers?

Trainers are teachers who are experts in using Casio calculators in the classroom.

Can I have training on other graphic calculators?

Unfortunately training is not available from Casio for the fx-9860 and fx-9750. There are teaching resources which include how to use the calculator here.

Training on the fx-CG20 is the same as for the fx-CG50, and is available free. Please note that the trainer will use the fx-CG50, but use is exactly the same for both calculators. Your trainer can support any concerns you may have about the two calculators.

Can I have training on the fx-991EX?

Unfortunately Casio do not offer training on this calculator. There are many support videos and resources here.