Plot and solve graphs

Plot any graph in Cartesian (rectangular), parametric and polar form. Find the coordinates of roots, turning points and intersections easily.

Explore calculus with curves

Evaluate the derivative at a point. Draw the tangent and normal to the curve, showing the equation. Evaluate integrals and show the shaded area.


3D graphing including cross-sections of dimensional objects

The 3D graphing capability includes built-in formulas for spheres, cylinders, cones, planes and lines. The fx-CG50 can draw from any viewpoint and display up to three overlaid objects. 3D objects can be manipulated by changing the values, so that users can observe the changes that occur from adjusting the size of spheres or the height and diameter of cylinders. You can solve intersections, rotate and trace the objects in 3D.

Beautiful Display - High Resolution & Colour

High-resolution LCD screen with more than 65,000 colours. Graphs, axes and grids display in exceptional detail.

CASIO FX-CG20 Colour Link Function Diagram

Explore data graphs with colour Link

Colour Link function makes it easy to understand relationship between graph and data.

fx-CG Series OS Update

View all the new features and download the update on Casio WEW.



USB mass-storage

No special software required for data transfer

Drag and drop data files directly from PC or Mac using the USB cable supplied.

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