Welcome to CASIO RESOURCES, providing UK Maths Teachers with useable and relevant mathematical resources ready for THE new AS and A Level.

Dedicated to providing teachers of mathematics the guidance and practical worksheets for use in classroom and beyond, we are continuing to build new content every month as teachers and schools get ready for the new AS and A Level in September 2017.  Resources are defined by subject area and provided in three formats per activity, Student Worksheets, Teacher Notes and Video How-To guides.

Register your details and ensure you and your school receive the latest resources tailored specifically to the new AS and A Level specifications and how to get the best from technology.  Our range of Graphing Calculators and Emulator Software products enable truly engaging and exploratory maths lessons fit for the modern day classroom.


Student Worksheets & Teacher Notes

These activities are designed to foster heuristic learning approaches to mathematical topics. The appropriate engagement with technology enables students to explore and hypothesise for themselves and to develop deep conceptual understanding.

The Teacher Notes provide solutions to the Student Worksheet with appropriate prompts and proofs to clarify understanding and address any misconceptions.



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