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In this Statistics Level 1 course the trainer will cover the following topics:

  • Data presentation and interpretation
  • Statistical distributions
  • Statistical hypothesis testing
  • Preparing for the new A-level Maths specification will also be addressed.


By attending this course and covering the topics you should be to achieve the following using a Casio graphic calculator: 

Be able to calculate standard deviation. Interpret diagrams for single-variable data. Interpret scatter diagrams and regression lines for bivariate data.

Understand and use simple, discrete probability distributions, including the binomial distribution,as a model; calculate probabilities using the binomial distribution.

Understand and apply the language of statistical hypothesis testing, developed through a binomial model: null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, significance level, test statistic, 1-tail test, 2-tail test, critical value, critical region, acceptance region, p-value. Conduct a statistical hypothesis test for the proportion in the binomial distribution and interpret the results in context.


Qualification: AS/Core. This course is most suited for professionals teaching AS-level Mathematics in the UK.

Level 1: No previous experience required.

required preparation & equipment

None required. Calculators will be provided for the training course.

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