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Scientific Licence

fx-83/85GTX & fx-991EX

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83GTX & 85GTX 83GTX & 85GTX

83GTX & 85GTX Curriculum*

991EX 991EX

991EX Curriculum*

Licences are free for use by teaching staff inside and outside your teaching institution.

The maximum number of users you should request for your institution is typically the same as the number of teachers in the maths department - or the number of classes being taught with a calculator in any lesson period.


Your IT can install a network licence to cover these teachers in as many classrooms as you use. You do not need a licence for every classroom.

Detecting current users

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The type of licence is a technical issue. We strongly advise you to involve your IT team.

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Please press the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button. Then paste the text into an email and send it to IT. The information (in the scroll box) is everything they need to obtain the licences. We do not receive a copy of this email or any other information you send.

What Happens Next?

Thank you for your request.

We will let you know when IT have requested the licence and it has been approved.

IT will be sent the licence and all the installation instructions.

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Thank you for downloading the emulator.

Whilst we attend to your emulator licences, feel free to explore our other resources.

We have extensive resources, training, exam advice, updates for the operating system, case studies and much more.

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