Colour Graphic calculators in examinations

CG50 and CG20

Exam eligibility

These models are permitted in all UK examinations.

These models are permitted in IB DP examinations with restrictions.

These models are not permitted in Irish examinations.

Graphic Calculators in Exams

Examination mode

These calculators have an examination mode. Examination mode prevents vector calculations, 3D graphs and access to stored data.

UK: Students are required to erase stored data.

We recommend using Examination Mode for A-level Maths (and GCSE, as this is the easiest to verify.

For Further Maths we recommend Exam Reset as this doesn’t disable vector arithmetic and 3D graphs, and does make the calculator compliant with JCQ regulations.

The calculator must be in Examination Mode for any Science examination because the Physium app contains electron configurations in the periodic table.

You can download instructions below.

IB: Examination mode is required for use in examinations. Please refer to IB documentation.

This calculator do not have

  • symbolic algebra manipulation
  • symbolic differentiation or integration
  • ability to store text or mathematical formulae
  • language translators

Download the instructions for exam reset and exam mode.

Colour Graphics in Exams