Stephen Kean

Stephen Kean comes from a background in secondary mathematics teaching. Throughout his career he has utilised technology to help engage students in deeper conceptual understanding of mathematics through heuristic exploration.

His current role at Science Studio involves close working dialogues with mathematics education stakeholders on all issues relating to the appropriate use of calculators. His particular focus is in encouraging the use of graphic calculators within mathematics teaching and learning as the most effective way to deliver the technology requirements for the new A-level criteria.

Ted Graham

Ted Graham has worked in a school, a prison, a polytechnic and a university, but now works mainly as a freelance mathematical education advisor. His current works involves a lot of teacher CPD and also running enrichment sessions for school and college students. Ted still does some work at Plymouth University, supervising research students working towards PhDs in mathematics education.

Ted has had a long interest in technology and has worked on several research projects in his area. Within this his main areas of interest are graphics calculators and computer algebra systems. Ted is also the editor of the International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education.

Kim Ogden

Kim has worked as a Mathematics teacher in secondary schools in London for the last 10 years. She has previously spent time as a Head of Department and as a Lead Practitioner for Maths. Currently she is teaching in a Post 16 College whilst also undertaking freelance work; leading CPD for teachers, and developing teaching resources to support delivery of the 2017 A Level specification.
Having developed her own use of graphical calculators in her teaching over the last few years, Kim has seen the remarkable impact that effective use of them can have on learning. This has given her an avid interest in encouraging better use of technology in all mathematics classrooms. She is keen to do what she can to provide other teachers with the support and resources they need to make this happen.

Shoyeb Memon

Shoyeb Memon teaches Mathematics at Bablake Senior School in Coventry. Having come from a software engineering background he is still keen on using technology and likes to incorporate it into the classroom wherever possible. Shoyeb is enthusiastic about using the Casio graphic calculator in his teaching but mainly with A level pure Mathematics and Key Stage 4 students. He finds it particularly useful to help promote students’ independent thinking skills.

Francis Chalmers

Francis Chalmers teaches Mathematics at Norwich High School for Girls, GDST. He specialises in A Level and preparing students for STEP and the Oxford MAT. He is particularly interested in using the Casio graphic calculator in teaching A Level pure Mathematics, to promote understanding of the relationship between algebra and graphs, and to enhance students’ investigative and problem-solving skills.

Fran Clarke

Fran Clarke teaches Mathematics at the Sixth Form College, Colchester. She regularly uses technology in the classroom to help develop students’ understanding of algebraic and graphical concepts at A level. She is enthusiastic about using the Casio graphic calculator as it enables the technology to become more student centred; giving students the opportunity to investigate mathematical concepts by themselves and thereby promoting discussion.

Jane Annets

Jane has taught in schools, a sixth-form college and a general FE college where she was keen to develop the use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning of maths. She now spends most of her time writing and delivering professional development courses for teachers in the Post-16 sector but still works with students through her role as a Further Maths Support Programme associate. Having been a graphical calculator enthusiast for over 15 years, she is excited by the opportunity for embedding digital technologies and in particular graphical calculators into the teaching, learning and assessment of the new Maths A level.

Elizabeth Berrimann

Elizabeth Berrimann has always had an interest and passion for mathematics outside of the normal classroom environment, with a desire to instil a love of the subject within her students. Having primarily taught A-level she has now decided to focus her energy on working with students who have an aptitude for the subject. Elizabeth is also an examiner at A-level and is involved in other mathematical based projects in the private sector.