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Calculus A Level Course Image



In this Calculus Level 2 course the trainer will cover the following topics:

  • Differentiation
  • Integration
  • Numerical methods
  • Vectors
  • Preparing for the new A-level Maths specification will also be addressed.


By attending this course and covering the topics you should be to achieve the following using a Casio graphic calculator: 

Understand and use the second derivative and the connection to convex and concave sections of curves and points of inflection. Apply differentiation to find points of inflection.

Evaluate definite integrals; use a definite integral to find the area between two curves.

Locate roots of f(x) = 0 by considering changes of sign of f(x) in an interval of x on which f(x) is sufficiently well-behaved. Solve equations approximately using simple iterative methods. Solve equations using the Newton-Raphson method and recuuence relations of the form xn+1 = g(xn). Understand and use numerical integration of functions, including the use of the trapezium rule and estimating the approximate area under a curve and limits that it must lie between.

Calculate the scalar product and use it to express the equation of a plane, and to calculate the angle between two lines, the angle between two planes and the angle between a line and a plane. Check whether vectors are perpendicular by using the scalar product.


Qualification: A-level. This course is most suited for professionals teaching A-level Mathematics in the UK.

Level 2: No previous experience required.

required preparation & equipment

None required. Calculators will be provided for the training course.