Not all calculators are created equal

Discover why the best results come from buying the right calculator #BuySafe


It's not always easy to know which calculator to buy - especially when there are so many choices.

Alternative calculators can look very similar. But often they're missing important functionality for GCSEs and run on outdated technology. 

Plus 43% of teachers say having students using different calculators in class causes issues with teaching and learning. 

The best results come with the right calculator for the job #BuySafe


Key functionality missing in alternative calculators

Cannot enter recurring decimals

Cannot calculate tables of values for graphs

Cannot calculate equivalent ratios


It's not always easy to tell different calculators apart. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. Calculators that look similar can actually be very different - and have very different functionality.

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Avoid the complications that come with teaching classes using different and deficient calculators.
We've put together two guides to help:

  • A Parents Guide to Buying a Scientific Calculator
  • A Teacher’s Guide to Issues with Mixed Calculators – And How to Avoid Them

Download your copies of both guides now. 


What to watch out for with alternative calculators

Poor build quality

Old display technology

Missing important functionality

Where to Purchase

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