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Staying focused in the run-up to Christmas

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December 2021

Staying focused in the run-up to Christmas

Christmas is coming, but it’s not time to relax yet. With a busy new year on the way, you need to keep your eyes on the prize. Let’s find out more.

If you’re at school, the lead-up to Christmas is always a wonderful time of year with lots going on. There are parties, shows and fairs – and lessons always seem to get a bit more relaxed. However, it’s still an important time of year academically, so make sure you don’t relax too much.

In this article, we’ll look at why you need to stay focused on your work, even in the run-up to Christmas.
We’ll also examine how technology can help you. Let’s go!

Get ready for exams

While it’s cold outside and you’re thinking about Christmas, it’s easy to feel like next summer is a long time away.
But trust me, it will come along sooner than you think.

If you’re taking GCSE or A-Level exams next summer, you already know how important these exams could be to your future career, so stay focused and keep learning. Perhaps you will be taking mock exams in the New Year? While these are only practice exams, you should still go into them wanting to do well.

You can party next August once you’ve got your fantastic results!

There’s much more to learn

Even if you haven’t got exams next summer, you can bet that your teachers are going to be teaching you some things you will need to know in the future, even if it is nearly Christmas.

In your maths lessons, your teachers could be explaining concepts like probability distribution, data charts or complex trigonometry. If you’re not paying attention, you could miss something that you may rely on later.

You also need to stay focused to help your teachers and your fellow students.

Focus on the future

Do you already know what you want to study at university, or what you want to do as a career? Remember that everything you do now can help you achieve what you want later in your life.

At the moment, the country (and the world) is crying out for scientists to solve the problems it faces. We also need teachers of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) to educate these would-be scientists.

Do your best at school today - and who knows what you’ll be able to do in the future?

Technology is here to help

At a time of year when it can be difficult to stay focused, technology is excellent at keeping your attention in the right place.

For example, your Casio fx-CG50 graphical calculator helps you learn new concepts quickly, with its hi-res colour screen that makes graphs easy to understand. And of course, you can bring it with you to your GCSE and A-Level exams.

In lessons, Casio emulators allow the teacher to display their calculator on the screen, so everyone can follow along with what they’re doing. They’re great at keeping everyone engaged and letting the teacher show rather than tell.

Make sure you use all the tech available to stay focused before the Christmas holidays.

Grab your Casio calculator today

At Casio, we hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Christmas holiday. Use the break to recharge your batteries and perform to the best of your ability next year.

From the beginning to the end of your school career (and beyond), the Casio family of scientific and graphic calculators can help you better understand mathematics and achieve the results you deserve.

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